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Manufacture milled and turned parts online

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You can easily order individual milled or turned parts - whether as a series production or manufacturing individual parts and prototypes - online via our manufacturing platform. We take over the search for suitable producers and the entire communication between you and the manufacturing partner.
Simple, fast and reliable.

1. Upload drawing

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Advantages of online manufacturing

Time saving

  • You send us your drawing, we take care of the rest.
  • We take over the search for suitable manufacturing partners.
  • Always take advantage of free capacities and a large selection of manufacturing processes and materials.


  • You receive comparative prices from several manufacturing partners.
  • You can check the production or shipping status of your components at any time in the customer portal.


  • We check and anonymize your drawings before passing them on to our manufacturing network.
  • We check our producers before they join our network.
  • We check your parts before shipping them.

Our manufacturing methods

With our modern CNC machines we offer all common manufacturing processes of metalworking. These include:

PART FACTORY - more than a milling shop


CNC milling in contract manufacturing. Have milled parts manufactured online. With just 3 clicks to the milled part at PART FACTORY. We procure your components.



CNC turning in contract manufacturing. Have turned parts manufactured online. With 3 clicks to the turned part at PART FACTORY. Manufacturing processes.

PART FACTORY - Drilling manufacturing process


Drilling as a manufacturing process in contract manufacturing. Have components drilled with the help of PART FACTORY. Overview of different types of drilling



Lasers in contract manufacturing. Possible manufacturing processes at PART FACTORY. Have your component lasered by posting an enquiry!

PART FACTORY - Fertigungsverfahren Schleifen


Grinding is a manufacturing process in contract manufacturing. Optimisation of the surface finish. Have components ground with the help of PART FACTORY.

PART FACTORY - More than a turning shop

Turning Shop

Order turned parts from CNC contract manufacturing. Have them manufactured in a turning shop via the B2B portal. PART FACTORY procures your components.

PART FACTORY Milling head

Milling shop

Simply have them manufactured in an online milling shop. Order milled parts via CNC contract manufacturing. PART FACTORY as a competent partner.


Many more

Variety of manufacturing processes at PART FACTORY. Milling, turning and other processes in CNC contract manufacturing. Order turned and milled parts online.

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Here you will regularly receive information about the online production of individual components and trend topics such as automation, digitalization and networking in parts procurement.

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