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PART FACTORY offers a wide variety of different manufacturing methods

Our modern CNC machines mean that we can handle all common metalworking methods. These include:

PART FACTORY - more than a milling shop


Want to learn more about face milling, thread milling, profile milling, face milling, 3-axis milling, 5-axis milling, gear hobbing,...



Learn more about hard turning, longitudinal turning, face turning, bar peeling, thread turning, contour turning, multitooth turning,...

PART FACTORY - Drilling manufacturing process


Learn more about solid drilling, reaming, stepped drilling, tapping, centering, deep hole drilling > 8xD, stepped drilling, counterboring,...



Learn more about laser cutting, laser beam ablation, laser beam welding, laser bending, laser sintering, laser cladding,...

PART FACTORY - Fertigungsverfahren Schleifen


Learn more about external cylindrical grinding, internal cylindrical grinding, out-of-round grinding, gear grinding, flat grinding, profile grinding, thread grinding,...

PART FACTORY - More than a turning shop

Turning Shop

Read more about hard turning, longitudinal turning, facing, skiving, thread turning, contour turning, multi-tooth turning, out-of-round turning,...

PART FACTORY Milling head

Milling shop

Learn more about face milling, thread milling, profile milling, face milling, 3-axis milling, 5-axis milling, gear hobbing,...


Many more

Through our broad manufacturing network, we offer all common manufacturing processes of metalworking. This includes, for example, drilling, grinding, lasering,...

PART FACTORY - The B2B contract manufacturing portal

As a B2B production service portal, offers unrivalled expertise for the production of metallic parts, especially when it comes to contract manufacturing.
We transfer production orders for submitted drawing parts to the relevant producers in our reliable Europe-wide network of proven contract manufacturers. These dependable partners produce the outsourced parts exactly as specified, while we review the process on an ongoing basis. Throughout the entire process, the flow of customer data and communications remain solely between the contracted customer and PART FACTORY.

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