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Who is team PART FACTORY?

Team PART FACTORY is a network consisting of qualified and certified European manufacturer producing custom-made parts. To meet our high-quality requirements all manufacturers are audited and evaluated regarding their manufacturing qualities and delivery reliability.
Let us do the work for you. We find the suitable manufacturer for your drawing part.
All conversation will be with us and your inquiry ID will never be given to third parties.

We Know Exactly What a µm Means.
No matter whether we are dealing with surface roughnesses, general or ISO tolerances, we are experts when it comes to production engineering. Describe your quality requirements for your small-series production and single-item production in a technically clear and complete production
drawing according to the EN norm or DIN ISO standard ‒ and we will deliver.

The birth of an idea

In 2014, the idea of PART FACTORY was born in the company Grindaix GmbH. The idea was received with enthusiasm and the portal went online in 2014. It was born because of the company's own need for a wide variety of parts in batch sizes 1 and 10.
There was therefore a high ordering effort, which tied up a lot of working time. Offers had to be actively solicited, a time-consuming evaluation was carried out, which ultimately resulted in a low level of comparability
of the offers.
The search for new suppliers was constantly on the agenda, or the contract system made the whole process more difficult. No sooner was the order out than there were fluctuating delivery quality and avoidable complaints.

The vision of PART FACTORY

The PART FACTORY online portal was intended to create a producer network that is easy to use and should significantly accelerate the procurement of components in small quantities. The result is an online platform that supports all steps of procurement in an uncomplicated manner and significantly reduces the time required. This portal is accessible to all customers who operate in the B2B sector or run
a CNC business.
When PART FACTORY went online in 2014, there were only a few online portals for ordering metallic parts. Within the last few years, PART FACTORY has built a loyal customer base and a qualified producer network. The difficulty was to find the balance between requests and available producers.

The goal of PART FACTORY

In recent years we have steadily developed further. In addition to optimizing the portal for customers and producers, the focus was primarily on expanding and maintaining PART FACTORY's producer network. The goal was to create a simple operation for the user and to constantly improve it.
By registering free of charge on the PART FACTORY portal, customers can have their parts manufactured easily and without complications. It does not matter whether it is a prototype, manufacturing individual parts or a series production.
But CNC contract manufacturers also benefit from PART FACTORY. They have the possibility to register there free of charge and to receive inquiries about PART FACTORY from customers easily and uncomplicatedly.

Our promise

  • Professional production engineering
  • Individuality single-item production
  • Small-series production in highest quality

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Our service - digitization, networking, automation

Service for our customers

  • Checking your production drawing
  • Selection of suitable producers
  • Central communication interface
  • Quality check
  • Resource-saving, sustainable shipping

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Service for our producers

  • Free of charge checked and suitable inquiries
  • Central data storage
  • Regular feedback (monthly)
  • Takeover of the search for new customers
  • All important information clearly arranged on your dashboard

Become manufacturing Partner

Data Security is Not Just Important. It is Top Priority.

No need to worry! Your order data is in safe hands with us. Our server security meets the highest requirements. We back up your data multiple times ‒ on powerful, high quality servers within Germany. We can thus guarantee data availability of 99.9 % day and night, 24/7.

Quality and perfection are also relevant parameters for optimum data security. Up-to-date software and highly modern IT infrastructures in Germany need to safeguard and guarantee three things: confidentiality, availability, integrity. The highest level of data security avoids damage, minimizes risks and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Trustworthiness is nowadays one of the most important criteria for electronic trade via the Internet. When protecting your data, we work with SSL encryption and according to the regulations of data protection laws.

We are here for you. Our customer service.

Customers. Service. Both! Always reachable on the PART FACTORY telephone hotline.

We expect that everything will work error-free, without complications and with no additional effort on your part! Should you nevertheless have questions regarding your order, our customer service telephone line is available to you at all times. If you have technical questions for your small-series production and single-item production, our hotline can provide assistance. In the case of technical queries, you will be put through to an operator, who is an expert contact partner for all issues relating to your production task.


Your Goods are in the Best Hands. Ours.

The fine line between having the job done for you and being done for!

In theory, logistics means the efficient and timely transport of goods to where they are needed. In practice, the goods logistics of UPS achieves much more. Modern logistics provide you for your small-series production and single-item production with a strategic means of optimizing your company processes and achieving seamless operations. Logistics enable you to offer a better service ‒ both to your external and internal customers. Furthermore, good logistics contribute to the growth of your company. That is the new goods logistics of UPS ‒ our service partner.

Please contact us - we will be pleased to advise you!

Please contact us without any obligation.
Our service employees are available to answer questions from
Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 4.30pm.