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Order milled and turned parts online - procurement management can be so easy

PART FACTORY has been a successful online contract manufacturer for turned and milled parts since 2014.

In addition to many other arguments in favour of ordering milled and turned parts online, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight one significant advantage of digitalization in particular:
The time savings. Ordering milled and turned parts online saves time, as the entire procurement process is digitalized. You can quickly and easily obtain quotations, place orders and track the status of your orders online. Forget long phone calls, on-site appointments and the agony of choice when selecting suppliers.  Thanks to the large network of producers PART FACTORY has access to a large number of production machines and capacities. Find out here how you can easily order turned and milled parts online with PART FACTORY and what our contract manufacturing portal has to offer you.

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"PART FACTORY puts an end to the search for partners. We find the perfect manufacturer for you directly."

For precision turned parts made to measure: Optimize your purchasing of turned and milled parts

By using the PART FACTORY contract manufacturing portal, you optimize a significant part of your procurement management.
The time savings that our modern communication and production channels offer you are measurable and will noticeably reduce your workload. Our solutions are cost-neutral for you. Our competitive prices will convince you.

Read all about the advantages of parts production with PART FACTORY below. You can also find more information on the topic of "Saving time" in our case study "Increasing efficiency through online parts production at Mustermann GmbH"


Process all orders online: Simple + transparent

Enter the production drawing, quantity and desired delivery date online. You will receive our offer within 48 hours. At this point, we have already checked the offers from various manufacturers for you and selected the best option. If you commission us to purchase your turned or milled parts, we will take care of all subsequent steps in the procurement process for you.

Track your ordered turned and milled parts with real-time tracking.

The processes in our online portal for B2B contract manufacturing have been continuously optimized and stand out thanks to their simple processes and clear data management. With your access data to the online portal, you have access to your dashboard - and therefore to all the data entered there for your orders. Furthermore, you can track the shipment of your order with the "UPS tracking code" and thus also see the delivery route and the distance of your finished components.

Clarify any questions with our customer service

Gone are the days when you were on the phone chasing the right contact person for contractors.
Because SERVICE is our top priority. When you buy turned parts from PART FACTORY or order milled parts online, our customer service is at your disposal. No endless waiting loops, no unclear responsibilities - just friendly and helpful expertise and short response times. We promise. Whether you have questions about the placement of your order, technical specifications, our range or the operation of the online portal: we are there for you and will take care of all your concerns.

Benefit from our qualified and tested producer network

The PART FACTORY manufacturer network has existed since 2014 and is constantly being expanded, developed and improved. Your advantage: We know the manufacturer market like the back of our hand! So when you order precision turned parts from us online, you are playing it safe. Many producers have been manufacturing for our customers for years and have proven themselves many times over. We can therefore also process a wide variety of order types via our contract manufacturing portal: Would you like to produce a milled or turned part as a prototype or individual part? Would you like to order assemblies online or are you interested in series production of your components? Everything is possible with PART FACORY.

Lean back and relax when searching for a manufacturer for your order

Selection of the right manufacturer, price negotiation, quotation and order processing including communication ... we take over the search for the best producer for you. In our qualified network, you are sure to find the manufacturer from whom you can order your milled parts or turned parts. This not only shortens your procurement process by around 50%. You are also guaranteed to have your parts manufactured at competitive prices. And by working with PART FACTORY, you will not incur any additional costs.

You can rely on our quality control.

From the moment your purchasing department orders turned parts, milled parts or other workpieces from us, we take full responsibility for your delivery. This also includes quality control of your precision parts by our trained staff. Before we send your components to you, the quality, material, quantities and tolerances are checked. We handle any necessary complaints directly with the manufacturer. For you, this means no more hassle with faulty component deliveries.

If you have any questions about our services or need assistance with submitting a request for quotation:
Give us a call! We will be happy to help you.

Order milled and turned parts from PART FACTORY and save time - a case study

Time is a valuable resource in any company. Especially in industries with high delivery pressure, a missed delivery deadline can threaten entire orders.

In our case study "Increasing efficiency through online parts production at Mustermann GmbH", we show you step by step how we work. And how you can save resources with PART FACTORY and also benefit beyond that:

CASE STUDY "Increasing efficiency through online parts production at Mustermann GmbH"

"Mustermann GmbH" is a medium-sized company that specializes in the development and production of electronic devices and components. The company is growing and is looking for ways to manufacture its products more efficiently and cost-effectively without compromising on quality.

Challenge and solution

In the past, Mustermann GmbH sourced its turned and milled parts from local machine shops. Time and again, there were restrictions due to longer delivery times and limited capacities at the suppliers. Due to growing production requirements, the company needed to find a more efficient solution to save time and costs without compromising product quality.

Supplier selection and start of the collaboration

In order to optimize its manufacturing processes and save time, Mustermann GmbH decided to order the urgently needed precision parts online. PART FACTORY was chosen from a whole range of B2B contract manufacturing portals. The decisive factors for the selection were:

  1. fast quotation generation
  2. uncomplicated ordering process
  3. good network of approved manufacturing partners
  4. transparent pricing and
  5. comprehensive customer service and support.

After thoroughly researching and evaluating the available options, the company chose PART FACTORY, an established online platform that offers a variety of CNC machining services and has a network of vetted manufacturing partners.

Step 1: Make a request

Mustermann GmbH decides to initially order a series production run of 100 stainless steel turned parts online. The company usually needs these components in large quantities, which has repeatedly led to bottlenecks in the past.

The process on

  • All the functions of the online portal are available after a one-off registration.
  • The request can be entered with just a few clicks.
  • A PDF file (assemblies: one file with several pages) and optional 3D files of the production drawing can be uploaded for each inquiry.

Step 2: Receive a quote

The purchaser of Mustermann GmbH receives a binding offer 2 days after his inquiry. The decisive factor for him is the confirmation of the desired delivery date. The pricing is in line with the average of previous suppliers. A brief query is answered promptly by PART FACTORY customer service by telephone.

The process on

  • Inquiries are processed and quotations for requested milled or turned parts are prepared within 48 hours.
  • The quotation is made available in the online portal. An e-mail is also sent with the relevant information.
  • Each quotation is the manufacturer's recommendation, which is determined on the basis of price and delivery time.

Step 3: Place order

As the previous main supplier of the turned part has once again announced a delay in delivery, the purchaser immediately accepts the offer. Mustermann GmbH follows the current order status with interest. Once the order has been confirmed for dispatch, the exact delivery date can be tracked using the "UPS tracking code".

The process on

  • The offer is accepted in the online portal with just a few clicks and the order is placed.
  • Once the order has been placed, the personal dashboard contains an overview of all orders and their current status.

Step 4: Receive delivery

The delivery is complete and punctual on the requested delivery date. The quality of the turned parts ordered is excellent and the specified tolerances were even exceeded.

The process on

  • Before delivery to the customer, the turned and milled parts ordered are inspected.  PART FACTORY's internal quality control thus ensures consistently high standards.

Conclusion of Mustermann GmbH

By using PART FACTORY, Mustermann GmbH was able to realize a number of advantages. The shorter and reliable delivery times were particularly convincing. Thanks to the broad network of manufacturing partners, the turned and milled parts could be produced and delivered more quickly. In addition, the production capacity could be flexibly adapted and even large orders could be processed quickly. As Mustermann GmbH had previously employed some very expensive suppliers, the costs for parts production could even be reduced. This led to a significant improvement in profitability in the medium term. Last but not least, the high quality standards also led to the decision by Mustermann GmbH to order all milled and turned parts made to measure online from PART FACTORY in future.

Do you recognize yourself in the case study? You're not the only one! Time and again, customers tell us how they found their way to us. And what problems they had to overcome in procurement management beforehand. We are happy to put our preferred position in the market and our technical and organizational expertise at your service. Simply ask us about your next order.

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Procurement costs for production parts

If you compare the traditional procurement of components with online ordering via PART FACTORY, it quickly becomes apparent that PART FACTORY saves a lot of time and effort. The activities saved by PART FACTORY can reduce procurement costs by up to 50%.

Traditional production method

  1. Create and check drawing
  2. Search for a suitable manufacturer
  3. Send inquiry
  4. Clarify queries
  5. Collect offers
  6. Select a suitable offer
  7. Quality check
  8. Process a complaint

Production with PART FACTORY

  1. Specify drawing, quantity and delivery date
  2. Receive a quote and order online
  3. Receive tested goods on the agreed date


Up to 50% less procurement effort


We don't have to convince you. Convince yourself! PART FACTORY is an online portal for the quick and easy production of turned and milled parts. BUT: We are not just any portal, but offer many years of experience as a contract manufacturer, an excellent network and comprehensive expertise in turning and milling processes, materials and market development.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have questions or need more information?
The PART FACTORY team is available to you Monday to Friday between
8:00 and 16:30 o'clock at your disposal.