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more than a contract manufacturer

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Our manufacturing methods

PART FACTORY is at your service when it comes to custom contract manufacturing. We strive to ensure modern communication and simplify the task of order processing by placing it online. Be it series production or manufacturing individual parts and prototypes - we cater to your individual customer requirements and ensure that your production drawing are precisely followed in every aspect. Thanks to our flexible, but economical contract manufacturing,
the time-consuming search for suppliers is now a thing of the past.

Your production enquiry is processed swiftly and accurately online. Once your offer has been accepted, we launch the smooth CNC- contract manufacturing. You can check on the order status at any time online and the dedicated customer area is also where your invoice is stored.
This not only saves time, it also lets you edit and work on your enquiries much faster than before.

We offer you the following manufacturing processes

With our modern CNC machines we offer all common manufacturing processes of metalworking. These include:

PART FACTORY - more than a milling shop


Order your milled parts online. Get your precision milled part quickly and easily with 3 clicks. PART FACTORY stands for CNC contract manufacturing of the highest quality.

PART FACTORY - Drilling manufacturing process


Drilling as a manufacturing process in contract manufacturing. Have components drilled with the help of PART FACTORY. Overview of different types of drilling



Lasers in contract manufacturing. Possible manufacturing processes at PART FACTORY. Have your component lasered by posting an enquiry!

PART FACTORY - Fertigungsverfahren Schleifen


Grinding is a manufacturing process in contract manufacturing. Optimisation of the surface finish. Have components ground with the help of PART FACTORY.



Have turned and milled parts eroded with the help of PART FACTORY. Spark erosion for difficult-to-machine components in contract manufacturing.

PART FACTORY Milling head

Milling shop

Simply have them manufactured in an online milling shop. Order milled parts via CNC contract manufacturing. PART FACTORY as a competent partner.

PART FACTORY - More than a turning shop

Turning Shop

Order turned parts from CNC contract manufacturing. Have them manufactured in a turning shop via the B2B portal. PART FACTORY procures your components.


Many more

Variety of manufacturing processes at PART FACTORY. Milling, turning and other processes in CNC contract manufacturing. Order turned and milled parts online.

Your advantages at a glance

Our service

  • Simply order online
  • Always take advantage of free capacities and resilenced supply chains
  • Rely on specialists for your prototype, individual parts or small series production of the highest quality
  • One-stop-shop - one procurer for all your parts
  • Stay anonymous - we encrypt all your information in compliance with data protection regulations
  • Stay up to date - all information is clearly summarized on your customer dashboard

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Raw and other materials at PART FACTORY


The PART FACTORY team encompasses a network of qualified and certified contract manufacturers from all over Europe, all of which offer machinable materials.
It doesn't matter whether your order is a one-off, series production or even a prototype. Upload your production drawing and receive a quote from us for the production of your component in line with market requirements. Try it out by placing a free manufacturing inquiry.

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PART FACTORY - The B2B contract manufacturing portal

As a B2B production service portal, offers unrivalled expertise for the production of metallic parts, especially when it comes to contract manufacturing.
We transfer production orders for submitted drawing parts to the relevant producers in our reliable Europe-wide network of proven contract manufacturers. These dependable partners produce the outsourced parts exactly as specified, while we review the process on an ongoing basis. Throughout the entire process, the flow of customer data and communications remain solely between the contracted customer and PART FACTORY.

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