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Die Themen unsere PART FACTORY Magazins

Welcome to the magazine page of PART FACTORY. Here we regularly write and publish articles dealing with contract manufacturing and manufacturing processes. We focus on the presentation of verified information and combine this with our many years of experience as a service provider in the field of contract manufacturing. These years of experience and knowledge serve as the foundation for our magazine articles and thus offer a high qualitative value.

Whether it is pure interest in contract manufacturing or a targeted search for information about the various manufacturing processes, there is an interesting article for every reader in PART FACTORY's magazine.

Our latest articles

The creation of a turned part

The creation process of a turned part explained simply. Process steps to the finished component. Get a turned part according to drawing with PART FACTORY.

The creation of a milled part

The development process of a milled part explained. Steps to the finished component. Get a milled part according to drawing from PART FACTORY.

Contract splitting in CNC contract manufacturing - How useful is this?

Splitting a manufacturing inquiry among several producers at the same time offers some advantages. Here you can find out what these are and how PART FACTORY supports you.

Fixtures for milling

A fixture is a technical auxiliary device. But what does it mean and what are the advantages and disadvantages? Where is the relevance for milled parts?

Turning machines - Worth knowing

Turning machines are cutting tools. But what is the difference between an NC and a CNC machine? How is a lathe constructed? And how do I get the machine hourly rate?

Milling machines - Worth knowing

A milling machine is a tool that machines workpieces. The machining is cutting. But what are the different processes? And what can be considered when handling a milling machine?

Fixture construction for turning

Bei einer Vorrichtung handelt es sich um eine technische Hilfseinrichtung. Aber welche was versteht man ausführlich darunter und welche Vorteile und Nachteile gibt es? Auch die Relevanz einer solche Vorrichtung für Drehteile wird hier behandelt.

Prototypes - How useful are they?

Information on prototypes and their procurement.

PART FACTORY_Tipps für die Lohnfertigung

Tips for contract manufacturing

What problems can occur in the various processing steps of a manufacturing process and besides? This is explained and next to it tips on how to solve the various problems.

PART FACTORY - Preisanstieg in der Lohnfertigung

Contract manufacturing - review price driver 2022?

The current crisis situation is driving up prices. Here you can find out how this is also affecting contract manufacturing.

PART FACTORY - Auswirkungen des Ukraine-Krieges

Ukraine war: impact on contract manufacturing

Impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war and sanctions on various areas in contract manufacturing. Raw material procurement or import and export.

PART FACTORY_Diagramm_Energieeinsatz

Required energy input in contract manufacturing

The article deals with the use of energy in contract manufacturing, at every step. From material production to a possible complaint.

PART FACTORY_Erhöter_Preis_bei_Baugruppen

Assemblies in contract manufacturing - advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of ordering assemblies are explained. After that, individual production is discussed.

PART FACTORY - Gaslieferung gestoppt

Energy crisis - How is contract manufacturing affected?

Relationships of the energy crisis and contract manufacturing; background to the energy crisis; cost trends; solutions to the energy crisis; PART FACTORY solutions.

Find new CNC orders in contract manufacturing

Find CNC jobs online | Get contract manufacturing jobs for free | Learn more about PART FACTORY service

PART FACTORY - Sofortangebot vs. Kalkulation

Instant quote vs. calculation

Turned and milled parts for immediate quotation or calculation? Reduced procurement costs? PART FACTORY offers a market-driven calculation for your turned parts

The production of milled parts

Production of milled parts according to a drawing. Manufacturing process with high perfection. PART FACTORY offers parts manufactured according to a drawing.

PART FACTORY - turning part

The production of turned parts

Production of turned parts according to a drawing. Manufacturing process high quality. PART FACTORY offers you workpieces manufactured according to a drawing


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