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Order turned and milled parts via PART FACTORY

PART FACTORY is an online contract manufacturer for turned and milled parts.
Our main focus is on single-item and small-batch production. Online means that all tasks are processed in a time-saving way from the inquiry to the order in an online portal.
Due to the large network of producers behind PART FACTORY, a wide range of manufacturing machines and capacities are available.
How to order turned and milled parts with the help of PART FACTORY and what the contract manufacturing portal has to offer is explained below.

Advantages of PART FACTORY's B2B contract manufacturing portal

PART FACTORY takes over the search for a suitable producer for you, who can manufacture your component. In doing so, we compare the contract manufacturers from our qualified network to find a suitable offer for your posted request. In addition, we make an intermediate quality control by our trained staff before we send the components on to you, because quality is very important to us. Furthermore, you can track the shipped part with the "UPS Tracking Code", so you can also see the delivery route and the distance of your finished part. In the PART FACTORY B2B contract manufacturing portal it is possible to request single part manufacturing as well as the manufacturing request of assemblies.
Since we also attach great importance to the security of customer data, all drawings are passed on anonymously to the producer at PART FACTORY. This means that your contact details are not visible to the manufacturers and accordingly the orders cannot be assigned to any specific company.

By using PART FACTORY's B2B contract manufacturing portal, you also save a lot of time. Not only through the search and order processing with a producer, which is unnecessary for you, but also through the receipt of an offer within 48 hours, you have a great time advantage.
Furthermore, PART FACTORY offers worldwide access to all data entered there with the dashboard.
This ensures transparency and effective work at any location.
The portal also offers this through a possible and quick selection of alternative offers. Our concept focuses on saving time. You only specify the number of pieces and the desired delivery date and receive an individual offer.
Since 2014, we have constantly improved our network of producers and optimized the processes in the online portal.

Your advantages at a glance

Time saving

After uploading your drawing, we take over all steps of the procurement process and you can concentrate on your core business.

Stay anonymous

We attach great importance to the security of customer data, so only anonymized drawings are given to the producer.

Simply order online!

Simply specify the production drawing, quantity and delivery date online and order the quote you receive.

Everything at a glance

With the help of the PART FACTORY Portal dashboard you can quickly access all the data entered there.

Save time with PART FACTORY

The request in our portal is created and sent in a few minutes. Instead of a time-consuming producer search and many meetings, with PART FACTORY the request is set with a few clicks. Once you have to register in the PART FACTORY portal, after that you can use all the functions of the online portal. For each inquiry, a PDF file and optionally a 3D file of the production drawing are uploaded. You can also directly upload several drawings at once.  PART FACTORY then takes care of the inquiry processing. Once we have received an offer for your milled or turned part, we will send you the offer. The decision whether to accept the offer or not is up to you. The offer we send you is a recommendation based on price and delivery time. You can then order the offer in the B2B Contract Manufacturing Portal with just a few clicks.
After ordering, you will see an overview of your orders and their current status on your personal dashboard.

Post request now

Set a request quickly and easily

  • one-time registration

  • Enter drawing, quantity and delivery date

  • Receive offer and order online

  • Receive tested goods on the agreed date

Procurement costs for production parts

If you compare the traditional way of manufacturing and the manufacturing via PART FACTORY, you will quickly notice that PART FACTORY saves a lot of time and effort. The activities saved by PART FACTORY can reduce the procurement effort by up to 50%.

Traditional production method

  1. Create and check drawing
  2. Search for suitable producer
  3. Send inquiry
  4. Clarify queries
  5. Collect offers
  6. Select suitable offer
  7. Quality check
  8. Eventelle process a complaint

Manufacturing with PART FACTORY

  1. Specify drawing, quantity and delivery date
  2. Receive offer and order online
  3. Receive tested goods on the agreed date


  50% less procurement effort


PART FACTORY is an online portal for the simple and fast production of turned and milled parts. Based on a production drawing, you will receive an individual offer. The entire order processing takes place simply and transparently in the online portal and you have full access to all inquiry, quotation and order data at any time.
You also benefit from additional quality control and a contact person for all your production orders. You have a significant time saving in all areas and can use it for other tasks. PART FACTORY optimizes your own procurement efforts to a minimum. We look forward to your inquiries!

Post request now

Do you have any questions?

Do you have questions or need more information?
The PART FACTORY team is available to you Monday to Friday between
8:00 and 17:00 o'clock at your disposal.