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Contract manufacturing - advantages

With contract manufacturing (and also other outsourced manufacturing), a company can commission another provider to manufacture parts and components. When giving the order, the customer outlines all the key tasks and any areas on which the contract manufacturer can focus, whereupon the relevant product will be supplied to the customer at the agreed time.

When is it worthwhile to go for contract manufacturing?

There are numerous potential reasons to go for outsourced production. If a company has reached its limit in terms of the in-house production capacity and hits a bottleneck, contract manufacturing can swiftly solve the problem. Better still, there are times when it may even be more economical to outsource in-house production to a contract manufacturer. Should a situation arise where a specific manufacturing process is simply not available in-house, then outsourced production may also be an interesting solution.

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Advantages of contract manufacturing

Time saving

We take care of the order processing so that you can concentrate fully on the production of the parts.


By cooperating with us, you will not incur any additional costs during production, neither fixed nor labor costs.


You are free to determine the quantity and the delivery date. We take over the search for the suitable producer for your parts.


We pool the manufacturing processes and capacities of our producers to give you a good choice.

PART FACTORY as a contract manufacturer – our services

PART FACTORY is a service provider in the contract manufacturing sector, which deploys modern communications and simplifies the task of order processing by placing it online. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Enter the required parts quantity
  • Define delivery deadline
  • Upload a clear and complete production drawing in accordance with the relevant EN or DIN-ISO standard

Your production enquiry will be processed rapidly and accurately online and the contract manufacturing process proceeds smoothly as soon as the customer accepts our offer. You can check the order status online at any time and the invoice is also sent via the Internet. This not only saves time but also gives you the option to edit and work on your enquiries.

Our manufacturing methods

PART FACTORY - more than a milling shop


CNC milling in contract manufacturing. Have milled parts manufactured online. With just 3 clicks to the milled part at PART FACTORY. We procure your components.



CNC turning in contract manufacturing. Have turned parts manufactured online. With 3 clicks to the turned part at PART FACTORY. Manufacturing processes.

PART FACTORY - Drilling manufacturing process


Drilling as a manufacturing process in contract manufacturing. Have components drilled with the help of PART FACTORY. Overview of different types of drilling



Lasers in contract manufacturing. Possible manufacturing processes at PART FACTORY. Have your component lasered by posting an enquiry!

PART FACTORY - Fertigungsverfahren Schleifen


Grinding is a manufacturing process in contract manufacturing. Optimisation of the surface finish. Have components ground with the help of PART FACTORY.

PART FACTORY Milling head

Milling shop

Simply have them manufactured in an online milling shop. Order milled parts via CNC contract manufacturing. PART FACTORY as a competent partner.

PART FACTORY - More than a turning shop

Turning Shop

Order turned parts from CNC contract manufacturing. Have them manufactured in a turning shop via the B2B portal. PART FACTORY procures your components.



Have turned and milled parts eroded with the help of PART FACTORY. Spark erosion for difficult-to-machine components in contract manufacturing.


Many more

Variety of manufacturing processes at PART FACTORY. Milling, turning and other processes in CNC contract manufacturing. Order turned and milled parts online.

Turning, milling, grinding, drilling and many other manufacturing methods are possible


Using the latest CNC machines allows us to offer all conventional metalworking production methods.
Be it series production or manufacturing individual parts and prototypes – we cater to your individual customer requirements and ensure that your production drawing are precisely followed in every aspect. Thanks to our flexible, but economical contract manufacturing, the time-consuming search for suppliers is now a thing of the past.

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Our service

  • Simply order online
  • Trust in specialists for your prototype, single or small series production in highest quality
  • One-stop-shop - one procurer for all your components
  • Stay anonymous - we encrypt all your information in compliance with data protection regulations

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The B2B contract manufacturing portal

As a B2B production service portal, offers unrivalled expertise for the production of metallic parts, especially when it comes to contract manufacturing.
We transfer production orders for submitted drawing parts to the relevant producers in our reliable Europe-wide network of proven contract manufacturers. These dependable partners produce the outsourced parts exactly as specified, while we review the process on an ongoing basis. Throughout the entire process, the flow of customer data and communications remain solely between the contracted customer and PART FACTORY.

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