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PART FACTORY - more than a contract manufacturer

PART FACTORY is at your service when it comes to custom contract manufacturing. We strive to ensure modern communication and simplify the task of order processing by placing it online.

Be it series production or manufacturing individual parts and prototypes - we cater to your individual customer requirements and ensure that your production drawing are precisely followed in every aspect. Thanks to our flexible, but economical contract manufacturing, the time-consuming search for suppliers is now a thing of the past.

Your production enquiry is processed swiftly and accurately online. Once your offer has been accepted, we launch the smooth CNC-production service process. You can check on the order status at any time online and the dedicated customer area is also where your invoice is stored. This not only saves time, it also lets you edit and work on your enquiries much faster than before.

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The following manufacturing technologies we can realize for you:


Turning, milling, grinding, drilling and many other manufacturing methods are possible

PART FACTORY offers a wide range of manufacturing methods. Using modern CNC processing machines we cater to your individual customer requirements and ensure that your production drawings are precisely followed in every aspect.

Be it series production or manufacturing individual parts and prototypes - Convince yourself of the high quality of our production technologies.



Raw and other materials at PART FACTORY

The PART FACTORY team encompasses a network of qualified and certified contract manufacturers from all over Europe, all of which offer machinable materials.

Raw and other materials


Part Factory

PART FACTORY - The B2B contract manufacturing portal

As a B2B production service portal, offers unrivalled expertise for the production of metallic parts, especially when it comes to contract manufacturing.
We transfer production orders for submitted drawing parts to the relevant producers in our reliable Europe-wide network of proven contract manufacturers. These dependable partners produce the outsourced parts exactly as specified, while we review the process on an ongoing basis. Throughout the entire process, the flow of customer data and communications remain solely between the contracted customer and PART FACTORY.



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