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Assemblies in contract manufacturing

Advantages and disadvantages

Assemblies are an essential component in plant and mechanical engineering.
However, they are not only of importance there, but also in the
in pressure equipment guidelines and in the field of electronics.
The use of assemblies and also the ordering of these assemblies
has its advantages and disadvantages.
The following article discusses the terminology and compares it to the ordering of individual parts.
the ordering of individual parts.

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What is an assembly?

The assembly group is an intermediate form of flow production and shop floor production. In some cases, they are also referred to as assembly groups. Here, according to the specifications of the DIN 6789 documentation system, it is specified that this is a closed object consisting of at least two parts of low order, which can usually also be disassembled again. In contrast to this, individual parts cannot in fact be disassembled again without leaving damage to the component. Assemblies are therefore a group of individual parts that are incorporated as a whole into the final product. It is irrelevant whether the assembly itself consists of individual parts or of subordinate assemblies. If it consists of many individual parts, then these are sometimes manufactured in different machining processes. The important thing is that they fit together and can be assembled as a single unit at the end. If the individual components do not fit together or do not fit as a unit in the end product, the entire assembly has no use whatsoever and thus fails to fulfill its intended function.

What are the advantages of requesting an assembly?

However, the question now is what advantages do they offer? Does it make sense to order or even manufacture an assembly?
The first advantage is obvious, if all components are requested, manufactured and ordered as an assembly, then the quality is uniform.
Therefore, if only one producer takes care of the production of the individual parts of the assembly, a qualitative unit is created.
This can have both negative and positive effects on the quality of the components.
Furthermore, it is clearer for the customer if the assembly is combined in a single order, as this means that the production of individual components does not have to be tracked.
the production of individual components does not have to be tracked, but everything is located in an orderly manner. Once the assembly has been
and delivered to the customer, it is now possible to easily assemble the parts into the final product.

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What are the disadvantages of requesting an assembly?

Now the other side of the coin: the disadvantages of an assembly. The focus here is primarily on the disadvantages when enquiring about or ordering components. If the customer places an inquiry for an assembly, then unfortunately he has to expect higher costs. The main issue here is high production and material costs, as the producer quotes prices for the entire assembly. In case of single-part production, it is possible to optimize the price for each individual component. Likewise, the duration of the production of the components increases, since the customer is dependent on the capacities of a producer for the production. However, if the producer's resources are limited, the production time suffers. Several different components have to be manufactured at the expense of time lost in production. Furthermore, there are many companies that do not want to produce assemblies because they do not have the necessary machines, which is why the probability of receiving a market-driven offer for the assembly is rather low compared to individual production.

This already starts with the fact that already when sending the request to the producers, the first ones fall out because they offer only one of the processes or material, but several are needed.

Advantages of assemblies

  • consistent quality
  • clear summary of an order

Disadvantages of assembly

  • higher costs
  • increased duration of production
  • lack of choice of possible producers who can manufacture it

In the end, the customer has a wider choice of offers. PART FACTORY selects the producer who is reliable in terms of quality, price and delivery. The customer's task is only to order the desired parts. The next advantage comes from the previous one. Namely, more offers can be made by producers and more manufacturing processes can be offered.

PART FACTORY consists of a large network of tested and qualified producers. These manufacture the various types of CNC orders. Here you will find an overview of the manufacturing methods that our network has to offer. This allows the customer to take advantage of a wide variety of methods to realize the desired part.

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Does single-part production make more sense?

Both the advantages and disadvantages of assemblies have now been examined, and now the question arises as to whether it is worth ordering an assembly. For this purpose, it is worthwhile to once again become aware of the advantages of single-part production. Another advantage is the fast production of the components. If the parts are not requested as an assembly, but as individual parts, then these can be divided among several different producers, thus shortening the production time. And as a result, each of the individual components can be manufactured practically in parallel in different factories. Likewise, the customer receives an individual price for each component. Depending on the effort, the quantity and the material. Furthermore, the probability of receiving an offer increases, as producers are happy to accept single-part production.


Assembly and single-part production have many advantages, but also disadvantages. Which approach is the best? Well, this question is difficult to answer unequivocally. As has already become clear, both sides have their strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on the complexity of the components and the individual assessment of whether it makes sense to combine the components in an assembly. As a rule, the advantages of make-to-order production outweigh those of assembly production. Therefore, in most cases, it would be more worthwhile to request the components in an individual production.
At PART FACTORY you have the possibility to request both types of production. We will process your request and will gladly support you in the realization of your desired component. Simply submit your request free of charge and we will take care of the processing.

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