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Can procurement costs really be reduced by instant costing of milled or turned parts?

Many online platforms for the production of individual milled or turned parts suggest the best quality components at the lowest price and all within the shortest possible time. But does an immediate price offer, optimized according to the three factors quality, price and time, really bring the promised effect of reducing ancillary procurement costs?

With our many years of experience as a provider of an online manufacturing platform for individual milled or turned parts, we contrast instant price calculation with traditional quotation costing.

Calculation for milled or turned parts is particularly complex and requires a lot of background knowledge about the manufacturing process. Today's software solutions are getting better all the time, but can they take fluctuating material prices and availability into account accordingly? Do you recognize capacities that have become free at a manufacturing company at short notice? Is a special tool needed for the production of a milled part?
We answer these and other questions here.

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The time factor promises particularly great optimization potential in the age of digitization

It is true that the automated ordering process is faster with all manufacturing platforms than the tried-and-tested fax. The use of a manufacturing network also saves the user the tedious search for the right manufacturing partner. Some providers of manufacturing platforms advertise instant quotes in 3 seconds or the calculation of components in 10 clicks. Looking at the path to the instant price, there are a few things to consider.

One component, many configuration options

In order to configure an instant price for a milled or turned part, it is usually necessary to register on the corresponding platform. Then you can start with the request.
After uploading a 3D file, the component still needs to be configured. Here it is often necessary to select the material, to provide details of holes, fits, depressions and much more and, if desired, to configure a surface treatment.
If the purchaser is entrusted with the procurement, he may have here one or another demand to the designer,
which in turn takes time.

If a desired material is not available, compromises have to be made at this point. If not all the necessary information could be provided, the path to the immediate price is finished and it amounts to the calculation of the price by an employee. This may lead to queries that slow down the process again.

Are instant prices comparable?

If the system has issued a soft location price, this does not mean that the component can be ordered immediately. If the supervisor wants three comparison offers for the drawing part, the procedure starts from scratch on two further portals. You may need to register first, upload a 3D file and select all details as described above. If it is not possible, for example, to select the same material as with the first provider, then the prices are not directly comparable with each other at the end of the day. If several components are to be calculated, the effort to set the requests increases enormously.

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Quotation calculation for component production: Immediate or realistic?

As a service provider for the procurement of individual components, PART FACTORY has set itself the goal of making the enquiry of milled or turned parts as easy as possible for its customers. It is only necessary to upload a technical drawing as a PDF file, which already contains all information about the desired component and to enter the desired number of pieces. The request is then sent and within 48 hours an offer including several market-based comparative prices is made available. All prices are calculated and provided by professionally competent manufacturers with many years of experience from the PART FACTORY network under current conditions.
This means that even when material prices fluctuate strongly, for example, the user receives realistic prices that are directly comparable with each other. Now you can either order directly online or select a comparison offer, which may be priced slightly higher but can be delivered in less time. By the way, this is also just as easy if a request consists of 15 different milling or turning parts, for example. The 15 PDF drawings can be stored in the upload area at once. The system automatically divides them into 15 requests, for which only the quantities have to be entered. The input of X different materials, Y threads and fits is superfluous.

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The digital production platforms for the procurement of individual milled or turned parts have many advantages and thus demonstrably reduce procurement costs.

However, the input for the calculation of instant prices for drawing parts takes an enormous amount of time. If the components are calculated on different portals and the user has to navigate on different surfaces, the time factor increases significantly, which in turn leads to decreased productivity of the employees. Whether the calculated prices are realistic is up to the user.

In the digital age, it is not reprehensible to resort to the tried and tested. According to the KISS principle - Keep it short and simple - the request for individual components at PART FACTOY is only a few clicks away. While PART FACTORY processes the inquiries up to the offer of comparable market prices, you can focus on your core tasks undisturbed. This not only reduces procurement costs, but also increases productivity and efficiency in your company.

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